Olivier Messiaen - III Abîme des oiseaux


Gérard Grisey - Charme


Franco Donatoni - Soft, I Mov - Soft, II Mov


Nicola Evangelisti - Sine Tempore Insulae


Nicoletta Andreuccetti - Dall'oscuro


Dan Wilson - Tūn

Sergio Cote - All breathing is circular, all breathing is sound





Maderna/Serenate - Accroche Note/FontanaMIX, 2015

(available on a simple lunch, and SoundCloud)


Admir Shkurtaj - Katër i radës. Il naufragio, 2015

(available on AnimaMundi)


Paolo Cavallone - Confini, 2011

(available on Tactus)


FontanaMIXensemble LIVE, 2009

(available on Egeamusic, iTunes and Spotify)


Paolo Ingrosso - Ordalia della danza, 2009

(available on Miraloop)



FontanaMIXensemble AUDIO




A broad collection of recordings of the FontanaMIXensemble