Duo Marco Ignoti - Stefano Malferrari

The duo Marco Ignoti - Stefano Malferrari arose from the longtime collaboration between the two musicians in the contemporary music ensemble FontanaMIX.
The personal experiences in chamber music (particularly of the 20th century) brought the two musicians to share interpretative and repertory choices and to found the clarinet and piano duo.
The program proposed is entirely dedicated to French authors (whether by origin or by aesthetic or cultural affinity). It starts from 19th century music, tied to cultural and aristocratic circles, and develops with the elaborate and daring music of the 20th century.

The duo held its first concert in January 2016 at the Torri dell'Acqua.


C. SAINT-SAЁNS Sonata for clarinet and piano op. 167
C. DEBUSSY Premiere rhapsodie for clarinet and piano
F. POULENC Sonata for clarinet and piano
A. HONEGGER Sonatina for clarinet and piano H.42
J. FRANÇAIX Theme and variations for clarinet and piano


Marco Ignoti - clarinet - Bio

Stefano Malferrari - piano - Bio